Hugo Stiglitz – Remember Face ft. Eff is H

This article was originally published to Doppler Seattle on May 11, 2017.
Read the introduction to ‘From the Archives’ here.

Remember Face recently gave us a sneak peek of their sophomore album with new song “Hugo Stiglitz.” The pair, derived from previous group Nu Era, is made up of hard spitter Chima  & producer-extraordinaire Andrew (who also has a few bars himself). Chima starts the track off with his usual style that I can only describe as calm intensity. The man is clearly going in, but he doesn’t have to raise his voice or over saturate his lyrics to do so. Eff Is H (now known as Mr. Hentvii) – of Kung Foo Grip joins this snappin single, taking on the second verse with matched fervor. 

Now before you hear this new track, let’s take it back to October when the duo had just dropped their introductory album, Remember Face. Their release party was full of energy, packed with opening performances from DoNormaal & Astro King Phoenix (now known as Astro Over Lord) – just to name a few. Did I mention that they were wearing matching RF ponchos? (I need one.)

The new project is set to drop late Summer 2017 and I hear there will be another lit release party. We’ll definitely be there! Hear RF’s latest below and make sure to catch them at Upstream Music Fest in Seattle’s Pioneer Square on Friday, May 12th at 7:30 on the Milli stage. Just in case you miss that, their next performance will be on May 28th at the Crocodile.



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