Momma’s Boy – Masego

This article was originally published to Doppler Seattle on May 17, 2017.
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Although mothers should be celebrated every day, the second Sunday of each May is the official day to celebrate the women that brought us into this world. Some of us do it with gifts, some go the breakfast-in-bed route, but regardless of specifics, the goal is to make our mothers feel loved and appreciated, as they are.

Fresh off of a dynamic set at Seattle’s first annual Upstream Music Fest on May 12th, musician Masego took to one of his loves to celebrate another this mother’s day. He honored his mother with a beautiful ballad entitled Momma’s Boy. 

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard our fair share of mom-songs over the years, (Ex: Kanye West- Hey Mama; Boyz 2 Men – A Song For Mama; 2Pac – Dear Mama) but this one is different. What I like about this song is that it is relatable and positive. This song is completely for momma. The serene beat makes for a great landscape, allowing Masego’s smooth vocals to flow over it as a steady stream of positive words describing his mom. Not to say there is anything wrong with talking about the struggle or harder times, but it’s refreshing to hear a song that is 100% positive. 

While Masego can play many instruments skillfully, he settled on his favorite- the saxophone to end this song in style. I was lucky enough to see the spectacle that is Masego on sax back in January when Xavier Omär surprised a lucky crowd during his set at Downtown Soul in LA. His mother must be proud of her son’s talents- he is amazing, yet humble.

Play this song for your mom and tell her you love her.
The rest of May is for moms.


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