Caravan – Joeville

This article was originally published to Doppler Seattle on May 21, 2017.
Read the introduction to ‘From the Archives’ here.

At just 16 years old, Fort Lauderdale native JoeVille is making waves out in Florida. The young artist started making music about a year ago and utilizes social media and YouTube to find producers to work with. 

Listening to the wide array of singles and freestyles on his SoundCloud, I can’t help but wonder what a cohesive project from him would sound like. The kid’s got a nice flow. He takes on each bar with a calm manner, reminiscent of Dreamville’s Bas. According to JoeVille, he’s not looking to release a full project just yet, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears ready for what’s to come. 

In his latest, Caravan, the MC sets rules for his space, blocking any negativity out of his whip before it can even touch the door handle.

Have a listen below and keep an eye out for JoeVille.
We have a strong feeling he’s going somewhere great.


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