Presenting: It’s Not Over: Black History Month Trivia

Every year, February comes along and we celebrate Black History Month.

We know how it goes: Companies who treat their Black employees horribly post their “Happy Black History Month” posts on social media – while continuing to treat their Black employees horribly. TV networks stream their favorite slave movies, and many other corporations, organizations, and people dedicate things to Black History Month.

It happens every year. The playlists, the murals, the streets, the other creative things the marketing teams can come up with. It’s cute. It’s performative. It’s repetitive.

Some would say that we’ve made tremendous strides this past year. I mean, Band-Aid did make the remarkable discovery that people with brown skin exist, just last June. AMAZING.

On March 1st, my colleague Mac Smiff tweeted:
“It’s white history month again now, huh?”
To which I responded:
“Naw. It’s not over.”

My reasoning is simple. And I will lay it out in 3 simple points:

  1. We are still Black – It is scientifically proven that after the month of February, Black people still exist. It is often said that they (Black people) even thrive in the warmer months occurring after February.
  2. We are still making history – Thanks to the recent discovery and confirmation of the existence of Black people on Earth, a lot of history is being made. There are a lot of emerging stories of “first Black ______.”
  3. It is still a month – Yes. This point has been tested. After February comes March, and after March comes April. I know it sounds crazy, but we are perpetually… in a month.

Therefore, Black History Month is not over.

And you should join us while we celebrate with some friendly competition.

This event is sponsored by We Out Here Magazine and presented in partnership with BLK WINS.
These two publications are amplifying Black voices through various means and we are happy to be collaborating with them!

This event is intended to hold space for Black individuals while we celebrate our past, present, and future.

To attend, simply register below. To compete, register below and send me an email ( with the subject line “It’s Not Over.” There are only 5 competitor spots open, so grab yours while you can!

Oh, and just in case no one told you today: Happy Black History Month.


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