The BlackSon Presents Visual For Brian Brown Assisted Track, “Allan Houston”

Just yesterday, The BlackSon let up two shots in his basketball-inspired EP, Cut the Nets.

Wasting no time and exhibiting some hustle, he released a visual for track one, “Coach K,” on the very same day. Today, he dropped yet another cold visual – this one for track two, “Allan Houston” featuring Brian Brown.

The motivational song is named after… you guessed it! Allan Houston, a two-time NBA All-Star and a celebrated graduate of the University of Tennessee, where he still holds the school’s record for all time highest points in a single season (806), and highest points within a total career (2801).

Over peaceful, yet thoughtful production provided by josephfiend, Brown dribbles up court, leading us into the play with a reflective verse. He ruminates on past goals which later turned into accomplishments. He leans into lessons once learned and problems once solved – plays you gotta make to elevate in life. Then, with an effortless chest pass, he hands it The BlackSon with a smooth hook:

“Moving forward, can’t go back… to the ways that had us stuck. The price is right, so have my stack… already there ‘fore I show up.”

Picking up the play seamlessly, The BlackSon uses his pivot foot (and verse) to ponder on being a role model. He marvels at a kid who mirrors his style and knows his music well – clearly conscious of his position of influence to the youth.

“How I look reflecting something bad?” he questions.

“Allan Houston” is an alley-oop in many aspects.

There is something nostalgic about the introspective instrumentals that josephfiend uses to construct the beat. He takes us on a memory trip – back to the breezy schoolyard, and the excitement-filled school buses headed to away games, back to the squeaky sneakers at the rec center pickup games… Benchwarmers and starters can both appreciate the ride.

In the visual, shot by MoonPresents and directed by FreeLunch, The BlackSon and Brian Brown enjoy a casual hoop session during a snowstorm in Nashville. The scene is a testament to the main message at hand: Keep going forward, no matter what the conditions are. Keep pushing towards your goals, regardless of what weather you face.

The two MVPs exhibit fantastic footwork in this gamewinning play. They keep it short, sweet, and straight to the point while putting us all on game.

“Allan Houston” is getting maximum playtime from me. It was the exact message I needed to hear today, delivered in just the right key. It made me want to hop on the court and shoot around, just to see if I still got it. It encouraged me to pick up the pen (after two months) and share this visual with you, holding high hopes that it will motivate and encourage you as well.

Check out the visual below and catch some plays from Cut the Nets.
*Tosses you an imaginary Spalding*

PS: I hope you caught that.


Cut the Nets – Spotify | Cut the Nets – Tidal | Cut the Nets – Apple Music

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