PlsExcuseMyPen is My Personal Publication.

It is not an extension of me, but rather, a representation of me and all that I encompass.

As I grow and elevate, PEMP will grow and elevate also. Just as I am not perfect, PEMP will not be perfect either. I strive for greatness, so guess what PEMP will do? PEMP will strive for greatness.

While the word “please” in the name may suggest an apologetic tone, PEMP will be quite the opposite. I am exactly who I am, so PlsExcuseMyPen will be exactly what it will be.

I sure hope that you receive something good from PEMP, and I sure hope that you share it with someone who will receive and share it as well.

Thank you for being here.

My name is Akunna. I am a writer and an event planner, among many other things. I am an artist. Words are my main medium, but I make in many others. My intentions are genuine and pure.

Q: So, what can we expect from PlsExcuseMyPen, Akunna?

A: You can expect words from a Black woman. You can expect feelings, thoughts, recommendations, and an amplification of Black voices and Black art. You can expect interactive events and content that encourages collaboration in our communities.

PS: If you find a typo on PEMP, please DM us and we’ll CashApp you a prize.