Presenting: It’s Not Over: Black History Month Trivia

Every year, February comes along and we celebrate Black History Month.

We know how it goes: Companies who treat their Black employees horribly post their “Happy Black History Month” posts on social media – while continuing to treat their Black employees horribly. TV networks stream their favorite slave movies, and many other corporations, organizations, and people dedicate things to Black History Month.

It happens every year. The playlists, the murals, the streets, the other creative things the marketing teams can come up with. It’s cute. It’s performative. It’s repetitive.

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Presenting: ‘Breathe, Pls’ – Sunday, February 7, 2021

PlsExcuseMyPen is proud to present our first event of the year,

Breathe, Pls.

Breathe, Pls is a virtual wellness event encouraging and exploring breath and movement.
The first Breathe, Pls is taking place on Sunday, February 7th at 8AM PST / 10AM CST / 11AM EST.
Within our 2 hours, we will enjoy a book reading, an open discussion, an instructed yoga session, and a guided meditation. All are welcome!

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